The Most Effective Sales Leads

Every sales cycle begins with finding the potential leads, qualifying them and then moving on to the most important stage – actually making the sale. Unless you have a dedicated prospecting team, lead generation is going to take up 50% of the man hours at your disposal – man hours that could be more profitably spent making sales pitches and closing deals.

However, there exists an efficient, cost-effective solution.

  • Imagine having the freedom to really focus on making those critical sales that bring in the most revenue.
  • Imagine spending absolutely zero time sourcing and qualifying leads.
  • Imagine having a list of hundreds of thousands of potential customers sitting on right on your desk.

eSalesData offers you just that. Our lead generation solutions will save you time and resources while extending your marketing reach!  At eSales, we offer a host of B2B selects to help you narrow down your market. More…


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