How To Choose The Best Mailing List provider

Best Mailing List providerMarketing has to achieve the final goal, which obviously is increasing profits. The marketing tools, you choose will be decisive and influence both the revenues and selling costs. The means should justify the end, in terms of cost, effort and convenience.

As such, the best mailing list provider is the one who offers appropriate business contact information. There are many ways to evaluate the real value of contact information; and it would save you time and energy, to assess the relevance and usefulness of the contact information, you are about to obtain. More importantly, the evaluation process will prevent post-facto recrimination. Use some of the following criteria or devise your own methods, before deciding on who is ‘the best mailing list provider.’

Broker vs. Compiler

There are two types of sources for business contact information; compilers are stand-alone organizations, offering simple list of contacts. The more serious channel is the brokers, who collaborate with the compilers and provide custom mailing lists.

The broking firm has the capacity to study your strategy and procure the right type of list, either directly or in association with many compliers. The range and reach, enhance the information quality and are far more effective.


To add to the pleasant surprise, the quality does cost a little less, compared to getting a list through a compiler! Good broker negotiates volume discounts and pass on the price advantage to you.

One vs. Many

The best mailing list provider, compared to a compiler, can offer you variety of lists. For example, the brokerage firm can offer you contact information pertaining to health services, government agencies, banks, building materials industry executives or insurance agents. Compilers usually can offer only two or three categories; you will have to search for different reliable compilers to target other industries. Broker eliminates the hassles. Continue reading →


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