Pinterest: The New Favourite Of Email Marketers

PintrestSo, have you heard about Pinterest?  And if you are like one of those curious email marketers who keep on trying everything new, you would just love it. In simple words, Pinterest is a self-described “online pinboard” or a social bookmarking site where you can tag content and share it with other people. Facebook and Twitter is already ruling the online social media space.
So what different Pinterest has to offer? It offers users to create virtual pinboards and pin digital content they find interesting in a much organized and sleek way.To help these marketers leverage Pinterest to its fullest potential for their email marketing efforts, follow these 5 simple steps:
1. Introspect: Think if Pinterest is the right option for you. The main goal of Pinterest is to pin content that is very visual in nature, like clothing, home decor, and food. If your business is similar to this description, you should immediately start creating a presence and share.
2.  Organize: As Pinterest is a series of board, spend some time thinking how you want to organize your board. Create it in a way that people can comprehend the content and be excited enough to follow you.
3.  Networking: Make it easy people to follow you. Like any other social media sites include the Follow Me feature on Pinterest button. Also include your Pinterest link on your website or your email. Continue reading →

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