Practice Makes a Man Perfect: A Theory for Every B2B Marketers

B-2-BIt’s been said that time is wealth, so we need to save time. However, every time following the terms of priests and masters won’t be good as the time changes so as the trend. If you listen to my words, then I would say patience is more important than time. As it makes us stronger and at the same time we spend time exercising our mind to get something different and innovative.

Coming into the email list I would say it’s one type of gamble that is need to be patient and at the same time it’s needed to spend some time. Without any prior experience, the sheer numbers involved have them thinking that a single broadcast to an email list will make them immediately and wildly wealthy.

While this certainly would be nice, email marketing unfortunately just doesn’t work that way in the real world.

Facts reveal that many marketers new to the email channel presume that ROI can be measured according to the same metrics as a traditional mail campaign. They later learn that email marketing metrics more closely resemble those of display advertising or television broadcast campaigns.

But if you go with the fact, then, it is common marketing knowledge that a person must see your message at least 7 times before acting on it. Broadcasting once is like stepping ahead that is appreciated, but for getting results, once simply is not enough. The actual returns come back your way, only when you have broadcasted it multiple times. And if I say multiple times, then it should be seven or more than it. Continue reading →


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