Using B2B Social Media For Improving SEO

seosocialmediaSEO and Social media is considered to be the best option for B2B marketing. As search patterns keeps on changing, giving more value to social search, it becomes more important than ever to create and integrated approach to social media to improve their SEO. In a recent study by GroupM and Comscore 1% of consumers were led to a purchase via Social Media but 51% were channeled via search and 48% through a combination of search and social media. 
Therefore B2B marketers should concentrate their efforts to expand the reach of their social media to bring more traffic to their websites. So let’s discuss 6 ways to improve SEO with B2B social media:
  • Develop a consolidated keyword strategy: Start optimizing your search results using Google’ keyword tool to develop your list of keywords. Now if these are the words that customers use when they are searching for you, make sure you have thesekeywords in blog spots, particularly in their title and within the posts for better visibility. Continue reading →

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