Being Spammer: 29 Ways to Avoid

SpamI have been said so many times that the email marketing is not that easy, as there is every chance to end on a spamming note. Most of email marketers have complains that their emails have been landing on spam folder instead of inbox. So what are the reasons, after a thorough research and study, here, I have mentioned 29 reasons for which you are suffering the suspect of “Being Spammer.”
  1. Never begin your emails with, “Dear Friend,” or “Dear Customer.”
  2. Stop joint venturing the list with others. You live your marketing career one batch email at a time.
  3. Avoid size 38 Impact font.
  4. Your emails should stimulate your recipient’s interests.
  5. Never over-advertise yourself. That may be addressed you negatively.
  6. Do check your “From” address for human replies.
  7. Take care if your email is sent to yourself, blind-carbon copying recipients.
  8. Add the necessary unsubscribe link.
  9. Never pad your unsubscribe link with more than four lines to bury the link below the fold.
  10. Take care of the case sensitive. You can’t write every letter using caps lock Continue reading →

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