3 Helluva Secrets Of The Email Scammers

Email ScammersMany types of fraud exist but just as anything else, even for the scammers, email is a more economical and effective method for distributing fraudulent messages to potential customers.
According to the US Secret Service, hundreds of millions of dollars are lost annually and the losses continue to escalate.
When you actually look at these fraud messages you would see that there are no company name, no website mentioned, no street address or phone number have been mentioned. Just an email from an email address saying that “they want to hire you”, or telling you that you have won some lump sum amount of money. You would have to be both naive and desperate to believe, for a moment, that this is legitimate.
Though, we all know how identify a fraud message, but the question that arises now is, how are they still possibly effective? Researchers at Microsoft have studied that very question, and are now reporting that the fraudster’s outrageous prose is backed by solid business logic that underscores three important principles of effective advertising. 
1. Target Buyers, Not Just People:
A fraudster will send millions of messages but will not want to waste his time on someone who is not going to fall for his scam. To get the attention the fraudster will further script his mails such a way that it attracts the attention of the receiver or, you can scrawl a message with bad grammar, a third-world tie-in, and ridiculous claims of instant wealth that only the most gullible and uninformed will fall for. Continue reading →

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