17 Tweety Tips: Empower Your Business Relationships

Twitter Blog BirdsEverybody knows that Twitter is an excellent way to meet and connect with businesses and prospects all over the place. Plus, it makes for an excellent platform to promote and strengthen your brand equity. But if you are struggling with making twitter work for you, here are the tips that I guarantee you will gain a better idea of what to do and not.

1. Choose carefully when building followers and when following. Make it a point to connect with prospects and with people who are connected to prospects.

2. Maintain a strong sense of etiquette without being too formal. Stay away from defamation, flaming and spam. Stick close to praise, acceptable humor and value-driven commentary.

3. You don’t only have to speak in corporate tones. Loosen up a little and inject some personality into your tweets from time to time. Fun things that happened at office, special occasions, trips to exotic places and popular industry incidents are good tweeting topics.

4. Tweet regularly and add value to your tweeting. If you don’t tweet a lot you’ll be drowned out by competitors who do.

5. When you receive a new follower, ensure that you send them a thank you tweet as soon as possible. Don’t automate this process. Instead, personalize it. Check their profile out and include interesting details in your message to them. Continue reading →


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