Happy New Year: Resolutions Taken, Time to Implement

newyear_resHey folks, How you doing? Before proceeding, eSalesData wishes you all a Happy and Prosperous new year! Well, the party is over and it’s time to get back into the track of business and sales. However what about the resolution? Sounds weird for the business? Well, that may be but yes it’s time when you need to take resolution so you won’t repeat the same old mistakes that you did previous year.

Yeah we all would like to improve, and so as eSalesData! In this article there are few resolutions that eSalesData thinks to improve.


  • Really understand your target audience; why they buy; what pains they have; why they need your product or service; perform better buyer persona research
  • Re-evaluate your firm’s value proposition; what makes you different, how do you communicate your uniqueness;  have a white board meeting with your executive team, and reassure what you sell and how you sell it is on target

Video Marketing

  • Video is a proven marketing tactic that increases engagement and conversions.  Include video on your website and landing page, and let me see your service in action; include motion graphics as well as a powerful voice to attract attention.
  • Utilize event tracking within Google analytics to measure video plays; in fact use event tracking to measure all of your content downloads and other website activity. Continue reading →

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