Email Marketing – Trends To Grow in 2013!!

email-marketing-trendsWhat would the domain of Email Marketing look like in 2013?, as this remains the time of the year when most marketers gather around to speak their views about email marketing. But whatever be the nature of discussion be, the point to be sure about is email marketing cannot be categorized as the soon to be extinct marketing tool. Below statistics provided by (Digital Strategy Consulting)prove that it still remains the most trusted method of direct marketing and a personal favourite of most of the customers too:

  1. Around 67% of customers provide their email addresses to companies to receive information about discounts and promotions.
  2. Almost 57% of customers say that they are more determined to buy a product in a store after receiving an email.

Email Marketing is ever evolving and there are changes that have made it more competent to fit into the goals of marketers and their campaigns. So, even 2013 is not any different, as below are the few positive changes that email marketing would witness in this year:

1.Video and Email – Go hand in hand

Understand experience and utilize the unmatchable combination of video with emails.

Trend to grow: HTML5 video will finally deliver on the video in email experience that marketers have long waited for. Consumers are busy for video content during the holiday season but as it’s almost over, video email marketing would be chased by more and more brands to provide top notch engagement experience to the consumers.

2.Triggered Email Programs – Key area to differentiate

Use triggered email programs to differentiate from the less sophisticated ones.

Trend to grow: Considerably email service providers are slowly making triggered email programs easier to set up, but they do take their own time to establish and optimize especially the browse-based emails. With due amount of time and money invested in by the marketer can now relax as they gain a competitive advantage over the less sophisticated one. Continue reading →


One thought on “Email Marketing – Trends To Grow in 2013!!

  1. I like the trends you point out in this blog. It’s always interesting to read about how marketing is always changing and learn of the newest trends. I think the video and email trend will definitely be something that would take off. A lot of people would rather watch a video to learn more about something that read an article. So, I think we will start to see more of that taking place in 2013. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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