8 Quick Tips to Increase Email Subscriptions

how_to_increase_your_email_subscriptionsSo, you have got a lot of Facebook fans and Twitters followers. Heck, you have even got fans and all. But my question is, what about email subscribers? Oh yeah, I know that capturing a niche and targeted audience for your news letter can be a difficult task.

However, it is a critical piece of inbound marketing strategy. The more targeted the list, the higher conversion rates and, in turn, the higher goal completions you will definitely see.

Now you can ask me a question, that how exactly can we easily increase the number of subscribers on our email marketing newsletter list?

If you have the questions, then I will get you the answers. This blog will give you some tested tips and information to boost your email newsletter subscriptions.

1. Make Headlines More Attractive:

You may know that when an email is sent (to mail subscribers) the headline of the latest post is seen in the subject. So, if the headline is attractive, the subscribers would definitely see and hopefully, they may visit to your site.

Attractive headlines are not only helpful in getting more visits from email subscribers but also in many other aspects of blogging. So, try to make attractive headlines which will lead to the subscribers to read your post and they may visit your blog as well.

2. Give an incentive:

Create some motivating incentive that is specific to the interests of the niche you would like to have on your list.

Here are some ideas of which you could provide incentives to your valuable customers.

  • Educational content: Think of unique content pieces you can create that offer educational value to the niche, target audience you are trying to get on your lists. This could be a check list, ebook, resource manual, etc.
  • Technique/ How to videos: Create a step-by-step technique or how to video that outlines a specific process that is unique to the niche you are trying to target. Market it something that will engage and interest the types of people you want on your email list.
  • Latest and Breaking News: Offer to send out email updates of the latest and greatest breaking news in a particular niche. Then leverage Google alerts, twitter hash tags and RSS feeds to stay on top of what’s going on in your industry.

3. Simple sign up form

Depending on what email distribution service is getting used, the opt-in process should be really simple. Most likely a name and email address, or just an email address is required. A form that asks for phone numbers, place of business, addresses and pet’s names will appear very daunting. Even if those fields aren’t required, the physical appearance of them will deter email sign ups.

4. Make sure the email has value to it:

If the email doesn’t really offer anything and has poor content people will unsubscribe. Along withmake sure that the email sent out has an easy way to forward it. If the recipient of the forwarded message likes what they see, provide an easy way for them to opt-in to the list.

5. Email signatures:

If you are an email buzzer and you send out hundreds of emails every day, then, this is a great opportunity to put call-to-action in the signature for them to subscribe to your newsletter. But, make sure to include the value they will receive for signing up.

6. Ask questions at the end post:

Many email subscribers just read the post from email and don’t want to go to the site for anything. So, firstly write quality content and then in the end, ask a few questions so that the email subscribers are just too curious to answer the questions.

This leads to visits from them and that’s how it should be. Make sure that your article is good enough that the readers stick to read the end. Then you have to ask questions which are normal and like you are actually in a conversation with your readers. This way, the readers would be more motivated to visit your blog and comment with the answers to your questions.

7. Exploit Internet Linking:

Internal linking is something which helps a lot in getting visits as well as link building. You may know that links are not cancelled in the email so use internal linking (or plugins like SEO Smart Link) to increase the visits. Link the keywords that are relevant to your blog and link your relative posts to them. The email subscriber might, because of the keyword, visit your blog’s post. If many subscribers do that, your visits would definitely get a stocky increase.

8. Integrate Call To action (CTA):

During your every day operations there are many opportunities to start integrating call-to-actions to sign up for your newsletter to receive the value of the content. Think about what do you do on the day-to-day and get creative in how market your newsletter.

Wrapping upWhen it comes to gaining subscribers, the key is to know your audience. Know what makes them tick, know what they want, and give it to them!

Stick to that “white-hat” methods of collecting opt-emails or targeted, niche subscribers and you will find great success and high conversion rates with your email marketing strategy.


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