7 Customs: Business Blogs Build Social Media Success

business-blogs-300x233I start with a question, please don’t mind. So, do you have blogs for your business? Though you are reading and following my blogs, but on the latest research it has been found that, comparing to last year the percentage of businesses that are using blog sites has fallen drastically.

In a research it was found, 23% of Fortune 500 companies and 37% of Inc. 500 companies had a blog in 2012, which is a decrease from 2011. Then why it’s happening? If you are underestimating or overlooking the importance of blogs, then, seriously you need to act, and that is also as soon as possible.

Blog has proved the world that it is one of the major sources for the success of social media. If you go for the research, then you will find more than 90% people accepting the fact, but the worrying point is why the businesses are not applying the weapon to their marketing strategy?

If you are not confident or you wondering what a blog can do to your website, here I go with 7 customs that you can’t overlook. Here we GO…

1. Visual eye candy

Try to think beyond text. Blogs are not only about texts, they distribute photographs, video and PDFs. Leverage the power of visual by using photos of your products, business, employees and customers. Actionable marketing tip.

2. Face the questions

Blogs are the best way to interact with your customers; instead of going back, try to face them and reply them their questions. Prospects don’t buy until all of their questions are answered. Blogs remove sales objections and hurdles by listening the demands and complaints from their users and customers.

3. Don’t try too hard

Don’t try too hard to sell your products. That shows desperation. Blogs are not to sell the products. Instead of it, write blog posts about how to use your product or supply instructions, recipes or patterns that show and tell customers, that provides knowledge and information about your products.

4. Helps customers post-purchase

Many companies focus on answering customer questions to overcome purchase hurdles. They overlook the importance of making sure buyers can use their product effectively, whether it’s showing them in more detail how to put together a child’s toy or wear the latest fashion top. Use this opportunity to up-sell customers to buy additional, related products. Alternatively, take advantage of this opportunity to engage as fans by showcasing their work.

5. Supports social media with owned media

Social media feed on content marketing, creating an ever-increasing need. Blogs provide content to support the sales process. Use your blog as the hub of your social media strategy. Distribute the content to your social media presence. Just randomly posting blogs and contents might not work for you. You need to understand and consider the timing of your social sharing to maximize results. Enlist your readers to share content through social-sharing buttons.

6. Improves search-optimization cost effectively

By their structure, blogs support search optimization if integrated into your website. They contain keyword-rich content. Further, they include links to other parts of your blog and website, particularly product, and external links to other websites and blogs.

Make sure each post is focused on a specific keyword phrase or two. This should be coordinated with your overall search strategy.

7. Provides owned 24/7 media option to distribute content

Build your blogging presence before you need it. It takes time for a business to get a sizable blog following. You need to be patience, and work harder for better results. Blogs distribute your content more broadly through RSS and e-mail. They also build your e-mail house file and social media following so you are prepared for a better public relation.


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