Why LinkedIn : 4 Mind-Boggling Reasons

importance-of-linkedin-300x293LinkedIn has been around since the year 2003, after a couple of dormant years LinkedIn has picked up a tremendous speed and that have lead to a massive success and driven it to become an essential tool for business growth. The best thing about LinkedIn is that it has this crude way of getting you across people whom you might never meet in general.

Companies who are starting out or have a started a small scale business, LinkedIn has created a platform for your company to project your company’s information, and requirements. Whether your company has strength of 10 or 50 employees, or even if you’re already on a couple of other social networks like Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc. LinkedIn can still add to your company’s benefits in its own way.

Take the following factors into account when creating an account on LinkedIn. If you think your company does not fit into any scenarios mentioned, even then you have a chance to stand on LinkedIn:

1. Size Does Not Matter:

LinkedIn provides you with a platform to present your company’s profile in a worldwide platform, where you have the opportunity to get discovered by people all around the world, which will help you to boost up your company’s reputation. It helps you to build connections with the topmost business houses and industries.

As a small scale business, your company’s strength might vary from 1-50, which is not a problem to not be on LinkedIn. Your small businesses will likely fall into one of the two categories; 1-10 employees or 11-50 employees.  Users will be able to discover your company using LinkedIn’s advanced search tool, which enables users to narrow results by keyword, location, industry and company size, among other metrics.

2. Voice out Your Opinion:

You can use your LinkedIn profile similar to your company’s website; you post information, important announcements, latest news regarding your company and industry.  You can upload videos, images and also post external links that will lead the users to extra information or straight away to your website.

Post interesting articles, blogs and brag about your company as you want. LinkedIn provides options for using three rotating banners on your homepage including tags for use with Google URL builder. LinkedIn has a powerful tool of letting you create various business pages according to the target audience you are targeting.

3. Are you Hiring? :

LinkedIn is the favorite when it comes to Job seekers and various other business professionals. Therefore, you can keep your page updated with all the recent company activities, important announcements and with the latest job openings.

This way, you would not have to run behind consultancy and other job portals, but get the best out of the lot directly for the job profile. Once posted, these jobs will not only appear in search results, but also in the “Careers” tab on your company page.

4.Seeking for Advice:

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for people who are looking out for tips and advices for their various business endeavors. LinkedIn helps you to look up to other similar business pages, so that you can work on your business page.

Hence, you can avoid posting things on your page which might affect your company’s reputation. Therefore, it helps you to seek advice by looking at similar projects and correcting your mistakes.

Before signing up for a company account, browse the company pages of similar businesses to see how the representatives manage the content and direct the conversation. You can analyze what kinds of content works well, and will add on to your growth.

I have seen people build their entire business, market their products and service effectively, and become leaders in their niche market, and all around a single LinkedIn group. LinkedIn is a powerful communication and marketing tool that helps you to grow and evolve into your best.

With the ever growing network on LinkedIn, it is a boon to all the small scale businesses to market their product and services. If you haven’t still experienced what I am talking about, then don not delay further and get LinkedIn.


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