5 Inevitable Tips: Webinars for B2B Lead Generation

Webinar-B2B1-300x250In today’s competitive world, everybody is racing against time. Yes with the discovery of technology in various shapes and forms, each person is looking for everything from food to information, instantly!

Webinars are the Webs version of an almost instant virtual meeting. Webinars are quick and saves up quite a lot of time for companies and people who are constantly on their toes.  Webinars can be open to the general public, but sometimes it can also be paid or invite based.

Running webinars can not only be fun, interesting and exciting, but extremely profitable. If you know how to run a great webinar, there’s literally no reason why you can’t grow as a profitable company with each passing year. Marketing webinars can be very productive and helps you to generate leads and increase your traffic and popularity on the internet, but that is possible only if you work effectively with your audience. The alternative is an event that drives potential customers away.

It is very important that you keep your attendees interested throughout your webinar, because if the webinar is boring and monotonous there is high probability that your prospect will just stop or lose interest.

Highlighted below are the six procedures that I found successful for creating a clear webinar strategy:

1. Know Your Deadlines and Deliverables:

A good rapport with your sponsors, clients and presenters is very necessary. You should let them know about the scheduled date for the webinar and other future meetings, and then you should be clear with all the webinar information’s (webinar date, presenters, and topic).

It’s very important to know your deadline and work accordingly. As your prospects are banking on your webinars and timeliness is a very important factor that is taken into consideration.

2. Make the Webinar an Experience:

With various online forums and social networking, there are many other interesting ways to get across an interesting webinar. You should present your webinar in such a way that it will prevent your prospects to switch to these interesting above mentioned modes to watch a webinar.

Your webinar should have your own touch of innovation and creativity, and it should also create curiosity to those members in the meeting who are the least interested in the lot. Always try to make your webinar, creative, lively and engrossing.

3. Create Relevant Webinar for Target Audience:

Please be very careful about the relevancy of the topics of your webinar; do not think of creating a webinar just for the heck of it or because it is an “in” thing. Understand your topic, and see to it that the matter you include is relevant to your potential prospects.

Avoid using terms like “best”, “leading” or “most”; it has been done many times and never yielded any benefits. Interesting, subject titles and copy that are specific may be enticing to a smaller audience, but most of the time this audience is highly interested and therefore a better lead. Hence you should make sure that you don’t compromise on the content.

4. Know your Audience:

Any initiative is eventually a waste if you don’t know who your audience is. Therefore, to create an interesting webinar get to know who your audiences are and what exactly are they looking for? This can be done through surveys, and various other question and answer rounds.

You can take the help of various social media forums and build a good rapport with your potential prospects who will act as the spectator for your webinars.

5. Engage Your Attendees:

For a 30 minutes presentation, if you only talk and expect your audience to sit back and just listen to your presentation, then let me tell you that this attempt will not yield any benefits. Hence, you should make the maximum out of the 30 minutes, by adding in extra inputs in the form of interactive sessions, and many more, because an interactive webinar is always better and productive than a static webinar.

Webinars if presented properly, it can be very advantageous because it cuts down on the company’s travel expenses, as one can participate in a meeting in the form of webinar from one’s own comfort zone. Registrants can also participate during hours that are convenient for them. Materials such handouts are downloadable and can be printed or kept as reference files.


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