B2B Marketing: 5 Barriers to Overcome

5 Barriers to Overcome

I have heard and I have seen that most of the marketers want to explore their chance on the B2B social media bandwagon while expecting a simple integration with current B2B marketing efforts. But you are not supposed to think so, as it’s been seen that most of these B2B companies are running into different barriers along the way.

So, what are the barriers? Barriers to successful implementation include simple, and sometimes complex, problems to resolve for many marketers. So what to do to trounce these barriers? Here is the blog for you guys to overcome these barriers that often come on the way of B2B marketers.

1. Lack of Ability to Stop executing and Think Strategically:

Lack of ability to stop executing and think strategically is the biggest barrier. I find that typical of B2B marketing organizations that get so caught up in tactical plays and spike marketing. In the absence of a defined strategy it’s obvious that marketing becomes an ongoing challenge.

2. Difficult to Go Viral:

Reaching to the prospects is one of the important goals for any of the B2B marketers, but just randomly jumping to the social media and crying to reach your prospectus will not work.  Although getting in front as many eyes as possible seems like a viable goal, it’s not always easily achieved and not always the most productive when considering an ultimate goal of building relationships and generating leads.

Before going viral, in fact, before thinking of going viral you need to examine who are your target audience and what is their demand. Along with the target audience try to examine what are the modes that you can implement to attract them. A video, let’s say, that attracts thousands of views may seem like a solid win. But how many of those visitors were from the target audience as opposed to irrelevant visitors just interested in seeing a novel creation?

3. Connection Error:

Well if you guys are thinking that you are well connected with your prospectus then just rethink over it. Although many marketers strive to maintain engagement with prospects, over time, it may falter.

So, what is the remedy? The remedy is you need to be very simple and need to focus on your contents. Begin to use channels including blogs, content curation, micro-blogging and other activities that make it easy for people to respond and easy to share.

Remember, responding to the comments is also a factor that you can’t ignore. Providing an informative blog or article is worth, but if you won’t comment and reply back to tour customers’ comment, then it would be the setback of your whole effort!

4. Tracing your Success:

This is one of the issues which have been going from last 1 year or so. Measuring the ROI of social media efforts is not that easy, and this is where most of the B2B marketers are falling short.

If you want to become effective in social media, then you need to adopt diverse methods to measure and analyze data to show a return like blog stats and third party Twitter dashboards. You can create milestones such as number of Facebook “Likes”, Twitter followers and shares of content.

Then, connect the social metrics to already established metrics such as website visitors. Doing so can help upper management see the influence building social relationship has on metrics already known to be an influencing factor to lead generation.

To take measurement to the next level, consider using a powerful backend for management of marketing data. CRM solutions data can also helps you to measure the next level using a powerful backend for management of marketing data.

5. Achieving the Leads:

This is the final stage and the most important process of getting the leads. And this is where many marketers have difficulty scaling their follow-up procedures which may result in lost leads and wasted resources.

So what the ways that can resolve these problems? Yes, indeed there are few ways where you can resolve the problems. Like you should be starting leads nurturing and leads scoring process for your B2b social media to get the maximum results.

Along with, there should be proper integration between your marketing team and sales team. Remember, communication between the team is very important and if you are creating barriers within the team then it could really affect the entire business.


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