4 Tips to Memejack YO!!

memejacking2Memes if technically defined as a cultural symbol and social idea that spreads virally. Yes, literally everything in the internet is now following the “meme way”, basically meme is the information that is copied, varied and selected. But only those posts, videos, photograph or any piece of information can be tagged as a meme, if it hits big time and goes “viral”.

Memes are usually very trivial and quirky way to advertise any piece of information on the web, but recently it has caught up a lot of attention and is being used by one and all. The fascination lies in how conveniently they expose what we have unintentionally let loose in creating the internet.

So, marketers it is time to buck up and start memejacking your prospects. So here are few ways, on how memes can help you market your product better:

1. It is All About Being VIRAL:

A concept is tagged as meme only because it is too much fun, engaging and does not fail to grab eye balls; overall, it is everything that a marketer will want for his product or service. Other than starting something interesting from the scratch and hoping that it would get all viral, you could use these ‘cool’ memes and personalize it your way and utilize it for your own cause.

2. Social Media- BANG ON:

We are all aware of the importance and popularity of visual content on social media these days, from Facebook’s timelines to Pinterest and its pins; it is all about being engaging and appealing to the eyes. Therefore, memes are all about visual content in itself and hence it is bang on when it comes to Social Media, they make great fodder for your social media accounts such as Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

3. Attracts Traffic, Like and Links:

All three that marketers will always want- Traffic, Likes and Links. Memes are so share worthy that it would spread like a disease in no time and this would increase the awareness among the audience regarding your product or service.  From the share option on Facebook to repins on Pinterest, options are wide open for these memes to spread like a wildfire.

4. Quick and Easy to Create:

Content creation, the most essential marketing tool for a marketer, to get found online. It is a daily phenomenon for a marketer and for that a fresh, creative content is a must, and getting fresh, attractive content is not a very easy task; therefore why not embrace an easy-to-create content.

All you need is some basic knowledge about Photoshop or any other photo editing software and a little inclination towards creativity. Or you can also create your memes in nothing more than a click with the help of Meme Generator and Quickmeme which are these simple meme creating software.

By making it widely reachable to millions of people who are constantly searching for something new and exciting on the internet, memes have created a vast, growing and accelerating domain for the life of a new development.

I hope that this small introduction to memes and memejacking and the benefits it can bring about for marketers with their marketing helps you with generating leads and acts like a wake up call to the creative person in you, and help you to get the best results out of it. Hence, go ahead and memejack your audience!


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