Converting Social Followers into Email Subscribers

converting-300x225Spending 24×7 on social websites is been a trend going on now days. With the craze getting high on the websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn making friends is not that tough. Social channels, while they can be one-to-one, are mostly like parties — lots of people talking and listening at the same time. The message is necessarily different.

Along with social websites, Email is also now making waves on the internet. Email is more like a letter — better for creating a deeper relationship than parties (i.e., social channels) can offer.

Deeper relationship into your email campaigns. Tactically, this is simple. You can post a message leading to your newsletter, or host a form field right there in the social platform.

But you’ll need a good reason for an engaged social follower to become an email subscriber. You need to show not just the value of your emails, but appeal to the unique social character of that follower. And guess what — not all followers are the same.

1. Followers are bargain hunters:

Yeah, I understand that you might have attracted their attention with a deal found only on social channels, but capturing them by offering an email is more important. An email offer with highlighted newsletter that contains unique bargains can do wonders to your email. Better the offer means greater response.

2. Acquaintances’ wisdom:

Approach these people with the tone of a knowledgeable friend who has just found something cool on your email list. For example, a shoe retailer could say, “I haven’t seen these anywhere else — get on this list, don’t miss out!”

3. Socialites:

This is the group where they spend maximum online time ion the social channel. But still, there is still value in getting these followers on email. Email channel is still the best marketing tool when it comes for cross sell, personalization, and lifecycle marketing.

To attract this group, promote your emails as trendy, insider, or exclusive content. Call your email list a club, association, or hangout. Use concepts like invitations to shopping events.

Honestly speaking the above tips are tested and that definitely gives you the result. Still, if you have some better ideas then please do share with me. I would love to discuss further on new ideas. Till then happy blogging. Cheers!


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