Content: A Flickering Trend

A Flickering Trend

We all know how content is important for any B2B marketers. But just writing the content won’t give you the desired results. It’s time to understand the behavior that keeps changing with the time. Along with time, if we don’t change the behavior or you say taste of the content, then, you might end in a losing side.

It’s not like for the sake only you have to update contents, instead of you should create something because the readers and prospects want something new that fulfill their demands.

So let’s see, what are the terms that should be taken into notice?

1. Behavioral Change

The process of creating content, especially if you are trying to do it on a regular basis, can quickly become an end in itself. You need time to research to implement necessary strategies to raise the bar of your content, and at the same time your readers would love your literature.

2. One Key Call to Action

Most of the B2B marketers produce daily blog post, a daily email, a weekly round-up email, a webinar once or twice a month, and then every quarter an e-book or a research-based whitepaper.

And by this you get your CALL TO ACTION everywhere. Instead, you would create a unique landing page for each new post, and each post would be linked to one key call to action.

3. The Story Explosion

Making sure that every piece of content is tied to a specific action, and making sure that you are producing enough content to drive the several actions you may want readers to take, requires planning.

The idea is this: Start with a substantial piece of content—a research study, for example—and then figure out the “50 different stories and content products” that you can build off that one piece. Next, take all those ideas and map out where they are going to appear, when they will appear, how they will connect to other pieces, and who will produce them. Finally, assign a specific CTA to each piece.

4. To Every Piece of Content, Its Own Life

This may sound simple, but as anyone who has created email campaigns or landing pages can tell you, deciding on the one specific CTA you want to hammer home can be harder than you think, especially in larger enterprises where you are pursuing many goals at once.


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