B2B Email Marketing Campaign: Fluctuating Trends

B2B Email Marketing CampaignThere is no shortage of critics and experts to give their comments, advice and suggestion on B2B email campaigns; still I have got some of the flavor from them and have putted some add-ons to justify what is good and right for the email marketing.

Thanks to the anti spam filters the trends of spam and scams also vary from time to time. Recently, according to the report, image spam continued to decline to an average of 14.5 percent in June, down from 27 percent and 37 percent in the months of April and March respectively. At its peak in January 2007, Symantec estimated that image spam accounted for nearly 52 percent of all spam.

As the report shows the trend of spam filter have also been changing from time to time, it could be really difficult for the B2B vendor to promote and exercise their email campaigns. So let’s discuss from the basic steps and strategies. So what is the best day or best time to send the mails?  According to a new survey by eROI Inc., high-level executives read most of their e-mail messages on Mondays and Tuesdays. And the best time to send messages on those days is during lunch hour. I have talked to many B2bB vendors, and they usually prefer to send the email on Tuesday and Wednesdays but after the eROI Inc. report its been revealed that Monday is also not a bad to send emails as after 2-day holidays anyone would want to check their mail box.

After scheduling the day properly, next comes subject lines. A study from e-mail services provider Silverpop showed that BTB e-mail open rates are 20 percent when the subject line does not mention the brand, company or product, and 32 percent when the brand or company name appears in the subject line.

It’s better to give company’s name or your product’s name. I have seen many times on the subject there will be both the descriptions. Rather putting both you should focus on any one of the details. Another thing that should be determined is the number of words in the subject line. It’s always better to use minimum words but at the same the subject should mention the whole idea of the mail.

And finally the main aspect of any email campaign comes and that is content. The debate about which is better, text or HTML e-mail, rages on in business-to-consumer marketing. But overwhelmingly, the majority of B2B email marketers prefer to send HTML messages. But, is that a right way to send message? Let’s find out!

Though the trend is saying HTML, but still many B2B vendors prefer for plain text format. And the major reason is those plague HTML, such as deliverability and blocked images. Along with, plain text works better in e-mail because it looks like personal communications.

Still the numbers are belonging to HTML only, one of the reasons could be for the aesthetics and the need to project and protect the brand, and partly because to measure open rates that can be designed in HTML.

Along with all these vital points, one more thing that is generally overlooked by the vendors and that is “from line”. If the e-mail is from a source readers know, such as a trusted vendor or an online newsletter they subscribe to, they are more likely to open it.

I hope the above issues that we discussed will help to vendors who are into email marketing. Remember, email marketing is not just the advertisement where you will be showcasing where you ll be singing about your company and products. The customers are not interested of all these, mail is a way to communicate and hence you should keep this in mind that your mail should concerned about their needs, fears, concerns, problems, challenges and desires.


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