7 Awesome Keywords to Write an Energetic Content

7 Awesome Keywords to Write an Energetic ContentIf you write a blog and that without some powerful then who is reading your article? Forget about reading, are they visiting your blog site even? I don’t know your answer, but let me tell the truth that nobody reads your blogs and articles. Power words are a key component to writing wonderful content. Adding these words to your content, especially in key locations like; headlines, sub-headlines, calls to actions, etc. can make your content powerful and exciting to read.

If you are using powerful words then it gives a unique sense to your writing unique as it will be completely different from boring words which have been used repeatedly. So what are these breath taking words? Let’s have a look on these words!

1. Awesome:

Awesome is a word that can be used instead of words like good, great, useful, etc. especially for the headlines it’s always preferred to use “Awesome” instead of good and great, because it gives maximum impact to your headlines.

2. Deadly:

If you have mentioned any new or commanding tips and tricks, then, I strictly recommend you to use the word “deadly”. It’s such a dynamic word that surely rock your content. People usually attracts to these words that they love to read the content just because of that fantastic word.

3. Trigger:

This is another fantastic word which can be quiet effective. For an example, “7 Common and Effective Emotional Triggers”

4. Evergreen:

Evergreen is another word which can shorten your headline and make it sound more persuasive. Instead of words like long lasting, you may use evergreen so that it gives a complete different look to your content.

5. Boiling Point:

Boiling point can be used to display that something has escalated to really high points. It doesn’t have to always be weather.

6. Battle-Proven:

This is one of my favorite words. This is so commanding and effective that whenever you are writing related to ways, or tips and tricks this word will give immense strength to your title.

7. Numbers:

Yes, this is as important as including any bombastic words. Writing numbers such as 10, 6, 15, would give you much attractive headlines than just writing words. For example, 5 Deadly Tips that boosts your Traffic. By involving such numbers reader would get it easy to go through the article as he will be focusing on the number of pints that you have written, instead of reading only paragraphs.

So these were some my favorite words that I use often in my blogs and articles. If you have something new and effective keywords for blogs and articles then do comment and share your knowledge with us. Cheers!


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