6 Tips: Kick Starting Email Campaign

Have you just finished your website and rousing ahead for the email campaign? Getting start with email campaign is not that easy, however previously I have discussed so many times about email campaign but this time the article portrays the tips and tricks those are required to start a campaign.

Kick Starting Email Campaign1. Setup an email account

Start from the scratch. Set up an email account that reflects the campaign name and use that as the “reply-to” address for all your email marketing. Sometimes you may also need to setup multiple email accounts like promotions@, or special offers@, but the point is that you should avoid sending emails through you’re your personal email address.

2. Give Your Sysadmin A Heads-up

Many users will start by sending test newsletters to themselves, or to a group of co-workers. It’s innocent enough, but your company’s spam filter or email gateway will see it differently. To a machine, your test emails will look like spam from an outside server, pretending to be you, and attacking its users. So give your poor sysadmin a heads up that you’re going to start sending email marketing, and that they should go ahead and “white list” your ESP’s (Email Service Provider) delivery servers. (Any reputable ESP that you choose should be able to give you some instructions on how to whitelist their servers.)

3. ForecastYour Calendar

Before starting the campaign, forecast your calendar and content. Sending mail so often could irritate your customers, hence plan according to that and let them know whether your newsletter and campaign is weekly or monthly. This would help them to connect you properly and at the same time they will also not affected by your regular mails.

4. Diagram your Content

Along with, always be cautious of your content. Content is as important as the other features of the campaign. Remember, you clients will see you content first then only they will

Go ahead and think about the type of content to send. Some easy examples to get you started:

  • How-to tips. Share your expertise! That’s probably what your clients like about you most, and it’s the easiest content to write.
  • Company news. Your most loyal customers will subscribe, and help cheer you on. Use it to send feedback surveys every once in a while.
  • Special promotions. Send e-coupons, promo codes, and other offers. Holidays are a good time to send these campaigns, and they make scheduling easy.

4. Get Your Privacy Policy in Order

Though this one usually for really big companies and healthcare industry. But if you have a privacy policy then it would be better for you in future. But do take care of email marketing that it should conflict with privacy policy. Typical things that should include open-and click tracking, and how they are linked to personally identifiable information.

5. Be There When You Send

For your very first email campaign, it’s a good idea to actually be in the office when you send it. Expect a few emails and phone calls from customers who are excited for you. In response, you might get some angry customers also but you need to face them. And if you special offers in your email then you may get questions from your customers that should be answered by you.


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