Practice to Perfect: Content Marketing tips for Email Marketers

Content Marketing tips for Email MarketersEmail Marketing is a great way to reach customers where they are; without spending a lot of money. The zest of the effort is to send content that you want your readers to read about, it can be any related information or an offer or promotion. In such scenarios, your email content can play a huge role to provide a cure for the unengaged email marketing.

In today’s world if you want to think about content in email marketing, you have to move beyond the email Inbox, and consider the influence of a world that is a mix of mobile and social media.

So let us discuss some tips to create content that can win in a mob -social world:

  1. Deliver what your customers want: Avoid writing content that you want to see or read. Center your attention towards the past records and find out what information excites your readers and subscribers. Focus on drafting the email in such a way that induces the subscribers to open and read it.
  2. Use the right tone: Segment your customers as per certain prescribed demographics and target them with the tone set right. Use an informal tone for a slightly younger crowd and for above 50’s try and use a mode of formal communication.
  3. Determine the right length of content: Include important content to get your message through to your subscribers. But do always a keep a parameter of length in your mind, to avoid being end up in someone spam’s folder.
  4. Send Reminders: Prepare your content concise and to the point. Personalize your email so that readers feel the message had been exclusively meant for them. Send reminders for refreshing their memories and directing them back to your website.
  5. Terms to avoid: Control yourself using words like Free, Click here, 50% off, Discount, Great offer, Save up to as they come into the category of spam-triggered words. I am not asking you to stop using such words, but limit using them in the body of the text. Check for proper formatting before sending any emails to your subscribers.

Content is considered to be an undefeated ruler of the internet. Take the time to follow these content tips for both choosing and selecting and then creating superb content resulting in email marketing improvement.


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