The Best B2B Marketing Plan – A Customer Driven Approach

A Customer Driven ApproachA basic question that every marketer should understand and ask, “Is your marketing strategy driven by what you have to sell or the market needs you best fulfill? “ The information that stays consistent across ages of selling and marketing is that successful marketing together is a relentless focus on your customer and the one biggest marketing mistake you can make is to just focus on what you have to sell. The best B2B marketing plan is the one that is driven by a customer-centric approach.

But how can you know your customers, its only possible if you have done a complete research and here are a few steps through which you can accomplish the same:

The Attention Economy:

We are living in a time when our main scarcity is our target audience time and attention. They will have product, service needs or information, education and entertainment needs as well alongwith the autonomy and resources to access any related information, that makes them all the more empowered.

But according to Nielsen, our customers see more than 2,000 marketing messages every single day. The battle for customer attention has moved from a battle of the message, the medium or the technology to one of customer insights.

Step 1 – Conversation with the Audience:

Ask questions like:

  • Ask them about ALL the challenges they faced that led them to seek a solution?
  • Ask them how they found you?
  • Ask them what content they looked for and where at each stage of the buying journey?
  • Ask them why they chose you?

Step 2 – Formal Research:

Like the more informal or qualitative research mentioned above, formal customer insight research should seek to understand the key challenges and issues facing your target customers. It should identify all the challenges they are facing and the relative priorities of each. And it should identify the relative priority of channels where they seek information and the content formats they are looking for at each stage of buyer journey.

Step 3 – Keyword Research

Understanding buying keywords is a good idea for marketing and keyword research allows you to get into the minds of the customer. So every business should have a search driven marketing plan by the help of certain resources like:

  • Google Insights – allows you to see keywords over time.
  • Google Keyword tool – helps you to see the volume of different keywords and also make suggestions for other keywords to consider.

Now that you know the basics of customer driven marketing approach what are other additions that you would like to include in the league, share it with us, we are eager to hear from you.


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