Networking Issues in B2B: Hike Up Social Media

Hike Up Social MediaStruggling with Networking? PR is creating hassles? Well think no more and be self-sufficient and build an online community. That’s right, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn can provide an impressive platform if you can attract an engaged audience. This leading social media sites have been able to create specified groups that specializes in managing a niche online community which are simultaneously used by brands as marketing tools So a simple way to tackle networking issues in B2B is hiking up an online community via social media.

Choosing the Best Platform: Solving networking issues

They can literally prove to be a great platform for educating and generating leads from your target audience. And if you are confused among all the glittery prospects available Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook, let’s get started to find the diamond among coal:

1. Where is your Target Audience?

If you are a B2B organization LinkedIn would seem to be a better platform than Facebook. Similarly if you are into B2C, Google+ would be a much safer and predictable place than Facebook.

2. Any current groups similar to my idea?

You can get into a short-cut by adopting any group that is similar to your idea. Google+ can prove to be a good option as it allows you to join as brand rather than a company, also connects to larger audience base.

3. Does it do any good to bring Search exposure into my organization?

Choosing Google+ would tie you to the most used search engine which guarantees that Google will be aware of all updates and content that your group generates over its lifetime. This will have positive consequences in search results for your organization as long as you update your group regularly, keep the content relevant and drive true user engagement

Structuring the Group:

Maintain your brand standards while structuring your group. Follow standard instructions and follow them diligently to avoid future abruptions.

Maintaining the Group:

For supporting inbound marketing offered to communities it is essential to create content governance guidelines. These guidelines dictate editorial and style guides related to content delivery, compliance, and publishing schedules. This important plan will put a structure in place that allows for smooth and consistent content creation. Without regular updates with relevant content, your community will die on the vine and your efforts will be in vain.

It does not matter what platform you choose, or select a plan you implement, you have to I mean have to make a commitment as an organization to maintain and grow your online community.


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