Get The Most Lucrative HR Databases With More Than 600,000 HR Records


Human resources executives are a vital to the functioning of a large work force. They monitor employee performance, start recruitment drives and do everything possible to minimize attrition levels, while maintaining a healthy and satisfied roster of employees. They also perform a host of procurement functions with regard to employee benefits, training programs and even employee safety.

This niche market of HR can be quite lucrative to the seasoned marketer, as many HR purchasing decisions involve large scale acquisition of products and services. At eSalesData, our HR databases contain more than 600,000 HR records that are added to and updated every three months. A few of the titles in our HR mailing list, we can help you reach include,

  • VPs
  • Human resources and labor relations executives
  • Training and development executives
  • Recruitment and placement specialists
  • Compensation and benefits managers
  • Job analysis specialists

Additionally, we can segment your HR email list into several distinct audiences on the basis of several selects including,

Usage: Direct mail. Tele marketing, Email marketing

File format: XLS, CSV, Text

Guarantee: 95% for Direct mails, 85% for telephone numbers and emails

Data available: First name, Last name, Job title, Email address, mailing address, Phone number, Fax (wherever available), Employees/Sales, SIC Code/Primary Industry, Web Address, (wherever available) and business description (on a request)

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