The Best B2B Marketing Plan – A Customer Driven Approach

A Customer Driven ApproachA basic question that every marketer should understand and ask, “Is your marketing strategy driven by what you have to sell or the market needs you best fulfill? “ The information that stays consistent across ages of selling and marketing is that successful marketing together is a relentless focus on your customer and the one biggest marketing mistake you can make is to just focus on what you have to sell. The best B2B marketing plan is the one that is driven by a customer-centric approach.

But how can you know your customers, its only possible if you have done a complete research and here are a few steps through which you can accomplish the same: Continue reading


It’s Time!! Discard Age Old Approach To Email Marketing

discard old approachMany of us are still stuck in the age old approach of email marketing and some where it’s not our fault. The reason can be held back to the old batch and blast email service provider (ESP). Now many ESP’s were designed for the older, simpler times without any vision of the upturning, surging technology and now it s lying alone on the ground. Continue reading

A Free-Paid Tips For The Pre-Marketing Strategies

marketing-strategy-300x202From last few years Social media has grown from a curiosity to an integral piece of corporate strategy. For every business marketers, social media is one of the important tools. As people are spending their maximum time on social media websites, it wouldn’t be wrong to implement proper5 planning and strategies to reach your valuable customers. The below given points are some of the important points that should be considered before hitting the start button.

Time Schedule

Social media doesn’t sleep, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to! Ensure your social media management tool of choice allows you to schedule messages in advance. So even if you’re in New York, you can schedule messages out to your customers in Tokyo during their workday. Continue reading

5 Great Advanced Email Segmentation Ideas

Searching for a Niche Group - Magnifying GlassEmail Segmentation is an important part of any successful email marketing strategy. E-mails are important for both customer acquisition and retention. A study conducted by Forbes Media concluded that email marketing and SEO are the most affordable marketing tools. Use advanced email segmentation to target subscribers based on specific criteria and tailor your message with a purpose to deliver strong incentives to the right people at the right time, which works equally well with both B2B and B2Ccustomers. Continue reading

Practice to Perfect: Content Marketing tips for Email Marketers

Content Marketing tips for Email MarketersEmail Marketing is a great way to reach customers where they are; without spending a lot of money. The zest of the effort is to send content that you want your readers to read about, it can be any related information or an offer or promotion. In such scenarios, your email content can play a huge role to provide a cure for the unengaged email marketing.

In today’s world if you want to think about content in email marketing, you have to move beyond the email Inbox, and consider the influence of a world that is a mix of mobile and social media. Continue reading

Get in touch with the Largest Database of Software Professionals in the World!

Software Engineers ListWith IT continuing to expand at a phenomenal pace, the sudden increase in high-salaried software professionals is rapidly forming a substantial target audience for both software and consumer products and services. These developers and programmers are at the frontline of information technology, amounting to more than 900,000 individuals in the United States alone. Go global and their numbers stretch into the millions. Continue reading

Calculating B2B Social Media ROI In Three Easy Steps

ROI Return on Investment Slot Machine WheelsBusinesses all across the world are waking up to the importance of social media as a business tool. And the effect can be seen in all the social media websites like Google, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter with their increased registration rate.

Here are some figures:

Facebook alone has more than 900 million active users.
Twitter has over 500 million.
Google plus has almost 250 million users.
Pinterest user base is also increasing at a rapid rate. Continue reading