B2B Lead Conversion – Innovative Content to Create Faster Customers

B2B Lead ConversionYou turn your head around and you can encounter all the incessant talks of how content is important for lead generation and conversion. Owing to this, marketers across the world were busy writing all sorts of content; half of which were practically copied, meaningless and hyped. Everybody zested about innovative content but still many of them kept producing “blatantly promotional”, “overly technical”, non-substantive and gated content. Then the fact strikes – “most companies lack time for producing quality content.” Continue reading


Story So Far – 2013 Most Interesting B2B Marketing Rendezvous

B2B-marketingSo we have completed half way to the year of 2013 and a lot has stirred up the business space. Some new, some old and some with a predicted arrival it has been an eventful year so far. B2B marketing strategies shaping up businesses have been an ever focused topic for marketers to discuss. Let’s review the past six months and find out trends that can be incorporated into your marketing mix to give your marketing a boost:

1. Businesses through Social Media has Catapulted

Social media has become an inseparable part of your business. Most of the research, feedback, service issues and buying decisions are made and decided here. As a marketer you need to leverage this with a strong presence on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ for real time communication and service with your customers. Continue reading

Networking Issues in B2B: Hike Up Social Media

Hike Up Social MediaStruggling with Networking? PR is creating hassles? Well think no more and be self-sufficient and build an online community. That’s right, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn can provide an impressive platform if you can attract an engaged audience. This leading social media sites have been able to create specified groups that specializes in managing a niche online community which are simultaneously used by brands as marketing tools So a simple way to tackle networking issues in B2B is hiking up an online community via social media. Continue reading

Change Is Here – Attention B2B Marketers!

If you would only have the power of identifying precisely the effectiveness of marketing activities and you are able to tell exactly how well you have delivered on business results in the form of revenue, customer retention or higher brand equity. Now imagine that the results of the data reflect that 60, 70 or even 90% of your marketing activity produced no measurable result! Worried!

The change is inevitable and it’s here..

With the increase of social activity among our customers and the increase in importance of these and other inbound marketing interactions on buying behavior and the day is not far when outbound marketing will be totally out of marketing mix.

Awesome statistics from Hubspot that every marketer should know: Continue reading

B2B Email Marketing Campaign: Fluctuating Trends

B2B Email Marketing CampaignThere is no shortage of critics and experts to give their comments, advice and suggestion on B2B email campaigns; still I have got some of the flavor from them and have putted some add-ons to justify what is good and right for the email marketing.

Thanks to the anti spam filters the trends of spam and scams also vary from time to time. Recently, according to the report, image spam continued to decline to an average of 14.5 percent in June, down from 27 percent and 37 percent in the months of April and March respectively. At its peak in January 2007, Symantec estimated that image spam accounted for nearly 52 percent of all spam.

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B2B Marketing: 5 Barriers to Overcome

5 Barriers to Overcome

I have heard and I have seen that most of the marketers want to explore their chance on the B2B social media bandwagon while expecting a simple integration with current B2B marketing efforts. But you are not supposed to think so, as it’s been seen that most of these B2B companies are running into different barriers along the way.

So, what are the barriers? Barriers to successful implementation include simple, and sometimes complex, problems to resolve for many marketers. So what to do to trounce these barriers? Here is the blog for you guys to overcome these barriers that often come on the way of B2B marketers.

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5 Inevitable Tips: Webinars for B2B Lead Generation

Webinar-B2B1-300x250In today’s competitive world, everybody is racing against time. Yes with the discovery of technology in various shapes and forms, each person is looking for everything from food to information, instantly!

Webinars are the Webs version of an almost instant virtual meeting. Webinars are quick and saves up quite a lot of time for companies and people who are constantly on their toes.  Webinars can be open to the general public, but sometimes it can also be paid or invite based. Continue reading