B2B Lead Conversion – Innovative Content to Create Faster Customers

B2B Lead ConversionYou turn your head around and you can encounter all the incessant talks of how content is important for lead generation and conversion. Owing to this, marketers across the world were busy writing all sorts of content; half of which were practically copied, meaningless and hyped. Everybody zested about innovative content but still many of them kept producing “blatantly promotional”, “overly technical”, non-substantive and gated content. Then the fact strikes – “most companies lack time for producing quality content.” Continue reading


Content: A Flickering Trend

A Flickering Trend

We all know how content is important for any B2B marketers. But just writing the content won’t give you the desired results. It’s time to understand the behavior that keeps changing with the time. Along with time, if we don’t change the behavior or you say taste of the content, then, you might end in a losing side.

It’s not like for the sake only you have to update contents, instead of you should create something because the readers and prospects want something new that fulfill their demands.

So let’s see, what are the terms that should be taken into notice? Continue reading

5 Reasons: Not Generating Leads from Social Media

It’s been pretty long time that I haven’t discussed about the actions regarding the term “generate leads.” Well I know, it sounds very weird but the trend is like that only. Okay, let me ask whether you are getting satisfying leads or not! I hope that you have been generating the numbers, but there will be many who are just scratching their heads. Continue reading