Story So Far – 2013 Most Interesting B2B Marketing Rendezvous

B2B-marketingSo we have completed half way to the year of 2013 and a lot has stirred up the business space. Some new, some old and some with a predicted arrival it has been an eventful year so far. B2B marketing strategies shaping up businesses have been an ever focused topic for marketers to discuss. Let’s review the past six months and find out trends that can be incorporated into your marketing mix to give your marketing a boost:

1. Businesses through Social Media has Catapulted

Social media has become an inseparable part of your business. Most of the research, feedback, service issues and buying decisions are made and decided here. As a marketer you need to leverage this with a strong presence on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ for real time communication and service with your customers. Continue reading


Get Inspired From Direct Marketing for Social Media Success

Get Inspired From Direct Marketing for Social Media SuccessMost of direct business marketers have embraced the idea of social media with open arms. One of the reasons could be that business marketers tend to wear their direct marketing hats while devising strategy for applying social media to marketing objectives. Therefore business marketer gets a lot of measurable value from social media, and they pull it all together to become of a member of a full fledged integrated marketing mix.

In this year Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 58% of marketers said they were using it to generate sales. Small businesses were more focused around 65% to use social media for generating sales.

So let’s discuss 5 Direct Marketing principles that apply to Social Media Marketing: Continue reading

Gain access to thousands of CAO’s across the World

eSales_CAOCAO or Chief Accounts Officer is responsible for maintaining the entire business accounts of a company including budget allocation, projects approval and strategic accounts decision.

At eSalesData you gain access to thousands of CAO’s across North America, Europe and Asia. Our CAO email list allows you to bypass the hordes of corporate bureaucrats and take your pitch straight to the top management of a company. Continue reading

10 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Social Media Marketing MistakesSocial media is an effective marketing strategy for most business, implementing them however is not that easy as it seems. In the past, there are notable numbers of people who have continued making this mistakes and it is alarming to see people repeating the same. If used properly social media can prove to be an important tool for brand awareness and company reputation.

So we would be discussing 10 common social media marketing mistakes that you should avoid: Continue reading

The Basics Of Mass Collaboration And How To Crowdsource Like A Pro!

crowdsourcing-300x225If you’ve ever crowdsourced for a marketing campaign or to develop some material, then you’ll know that while getting a mass number of people to respond isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish, the rewards far outweigh the amount of resources invested.

And in case you’re a marketing noob, with little or no understanding of how crowdsourcing works, here’s a little manual I put together to help you along the way.

The first step involved in any crowdsourcing endeavor is finding the right crowd to do your proverbial bidding. Ideally, the group of individuals that you select should have some intrinsic motivation that’s tied into your marketing campaign. What causes that motivation is for you to decide. For example, many enterprises use crowdsourcing to conduct environment-friendly initiatives under their social responsibility programs. The relative mass appeal of pro-ecology projects assures them of a large, highly motivated crowd.

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B2B Email Marketing Campaign: Fluctuating Trends

B2B Email Marketing CampaignThere is no shortage of critics and experts to give their comments, advice and suggestion on B2B email campaigns; still I have got some of the flavor from them and have putted some add-ons to justify what is good and right for the email marketing.

Thanks to the anti spam filters the trends of spam and scams also vary from time to time. Recently, according to the report, image spam continued to decline to an average of 14.5 percent in June, down from 27 percent and 37 percent in the months of April and March respectively. At its peak in January 2007, Symantec estimated that image spam accounted for nearly 52 percent of all spam.

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4 Tips to Memejack YO!!

memejacking2Memes if technically defined as a cultural symbol and social idea that spreads virally. Yes, literally everything in the internet is now following the “meme way”, basically meme is the information that is copied, varied and selected. But only those posts, videos, photograph or any piece of information can be tagged as a meme, if it hits big time and goes “viral”.

Memes are usually very trivial and quirky way to advertise any piece of information on the web, but recently it has caught up a lot of attention and is being used by one and all. The fascination lies in how conveniently they expose what we have unintentionally let loose in creating the internet.

So, marketers it is time to buck up and start memejacking your prospects. So here are few ways, on how memes can help you market your product better: Continue reading