Networking Issues in B2B: Hike Up Social Media

Hike Up Social MediaStruggling with Networking? PR is creating hassles? Well think no more and be self-sufficient and build an online community. That’s right, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn can provide an impressive platform if you can attract an engaged audience. This leading social media sites have been able to create specified groups that specializes in managing a niche online community which are simultaneously used by brands as marketing tools So a simple way to tackle networking issues in B2B is hiking up an online community via social media. Continue reading


Calculating B2B Social Media ROI In Three Easy Steps

ROI Return on Investment Slot Machine WheelsBusinesses all across the world are waking up to the importance of social media as a business tool. And the effect can be seen in all the social media websites like Google, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter with their increased registration rate.

Here are some figures:

Facebook alone has more than 900 million active users.
Twitter has over 500 million.
Google plus has almost 250 million users.
Pinterest user base is also increasing at a rapid rate. Continue reading

Get Inspired From Direct Marketing for Social Media Success

Get Inspired From Direct Marketing for Social Media SuccessMost of direct business marketers have embraced the idea of social media with open arms. One of the reasons could be that business marketers tend to wear their direct marketing hats while devising strategy for applying social media to marketing objectives. Therefore business marketer gets a lot of measurable value from social media, and they pull it all together to become of a member of a full fledged integrated marketing mix.

In this year Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 58% of marketers said they were using it to generate sales. Small businesses were more focused around 65% to use social media for generating sales.

So let’s discuss 5 Direct Marketing principles that apply to Social Media Marketing: Continue reading

10 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Social Media Marketing MistakesSocial media is an effective marketing strategy for most business, implementing them however is not that easy as it seems. In the past, there are notable numbers of people who have continued making this mistakes and it is alarming to see people repeating the same. If used properly social media can prove to be an important tool for brand awareness and company reputation.

So we would be discussing 10 common social media marketing mistakes that you should avoid: Continue reading

Converting Social Followers into Email Subscribers

converting-300x225Spending 24×7 on social websites is been a trend going on now days. With the craze getting high on the websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn making friends is not that tough. Social channels, while they can be one-to-one, are mostly like parties — lots of people talking and listening at the same time. The message is necessarily different.

Along with social websites, Email is also now making waves on the internet. Email is more like a letter — better for creating a deeper relationship than parties (i.e., social channels) can offer. Continue reading

7 Customs: Business Blogs Build Social Media Success

business-blogs-300x233I start with a question, please don’t mind. So, do you have blogs for your business? Though you are reading and following my blogs, but on the latest research it has been found that, comparing to last year the percentage of businesses that are using blog sites has fallen drastically.

In a research it was found, 23% of Fortune 500 companies and 37% of Inc. 500 companies had a blog in 2012, which is a decrease from 2011. Then why it’s happening? If you are underestimating or overlooking the importance of blogs, then, seriously you need to act, and that is also as soon as possible. Continue reading